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Taipei, Feb 10; reported by Chou, Sheng-Wei, Military News Agency

Major General Luo, Shao-He, the spokesman of the Armed Force, said in the press conference today that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has talked to Ministry of National Defense about providing supports for Chinese New Year transportation as he was asked about “MND support with cargo planes as TransAsia Airline pilots were recalled for re-training, causing impacts on flight schedule.” General Luo pointed out that the Air Force will have their C-130s stand by at Songshan and Pingtung Airports to help soldiers and civilians go back to their families at outer islands for Chinese New Year.The Armed Force is still working hard in the rescue efforts following the TransAsia crash despite the cold weathers recently. For the concerns media about the physical and psychological conditions of men on the search and rescue mission, General Luo indicated that MND pays special attention to make sure that everyone participating this search and rescue mission is kept warm and has asked the COs of these men to keep a close eye on their mental states and provide counseling when necessary.Also, when about the detention rules of the Armed Force and how they are executed, Major general Chiang, Chung-Te, Chief of Military Discipline Supervision Office, MND, said that there were 2 cadets had served 7 days of detention in stockade for offense against personal liberty and use of narcotics and now released. The Office of Deputy Chief of General Staff for Personnel issued the rules for “detention and repentance” to all units of the Armed Force last November (2014) and asked all COs to explain these rules to soldiers during assemblies. The purpose is to impose disciplinary actions in the form of detentions on those involved in major violations of military discipline without breaking any law).