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(Written by journalist Lin Ching-chieh from Military News Agency in Taipei on Feb. 9)

The minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Gao Guangci, inspected the Military Police Command and the Reserve Command on Feb. 9 to actually understand the status and current situations concerning the tasks of different sectors. He positively approved that soldiers focusing on their original tasks of military trainings and cooperating with local governments in the prevention and rescue missions against disasters, which were of excellent performances. He also expected that all soldiers can hold their job positions and complete tasks to be responsible soldiers of duty in order to ensure national security.
Chinese New Year is around the corner. In addition to giving advice for tasks and operations when inspecting the Military Police Command and the Reserve Command in the morning, Minister Gao also consoled soldiers on behalf of President Ma and wished all of them a happy Chinese New Year.
of recruit seeking by all sectors and divisions of the Armed Forces as a very important task, and he ordered all the related executive officers to build up good working environments in order to form unity in organizations and to encourage soldiers with high quality profiles and long military terms to stay and work in the Armed Forces, which may help in fulfilling the needs in human resources and for military trainings from all the corps.
Minister Gao emphasized that the maintenance of war potentials depends on good military discipline. Soldiers of the Armed Forces should all follow the regulations of the bases and maintain the military discipline to keep all corps with solid war potentials. Especially for that the Chinese New Year is around the corner, all executive officers of all levels should ensure the military discipline and realize the management of corps. The method of management adopted in this case is management by walking around (MBWA). The executive officers should perform checks and inspections to actively find out factors which may damage the security, to strengthen the tasks of risk management and to ensure the safety of sectors or divisions, which will all help in the forming of excellent modernized national Armed Forces.
In order to educate all soldiers to form the habit of maintaining confidentiality, Minister Gao reminded the executive officers to keep on high alert, especially do not talk about information related to military exercises during their spare time, after meals, when visiting friends, or in the process of performing official tasks outside the bases, and even in family reunions. By doing so, the spying of information concerning military tasks and national security can be shut out and prevented in order to maintain the clearness and security of the Armed Forces.
Minister Gao specially reminded executive officers of all levels to realize the care for good living while rigorously performing military preparation and trainings and to care about the health of all the brothers and sisters in the corps. Mental health counseling tasks should also be done well at the same time to keep high morale of the groups and make the fighting power of the corps of basic level more fortified and solid.