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(Military News Agency, Chen Jianxing, Hsinchu 8th)

With the purpose to enhance the health education in remote areas and care for the disadvantaged groups, university students from National Defense Medical Center have organized a mountain medical service team which will visit different remote areas such as Jianshi Township in Hsinchu, Fuxing Township in Taoyuan and others for medical services in two consecutive days. The local residents will be assisted to learn about their health conditions and other healthcare concepts.
Departing from the National Defense Medical Center at Neihu District in Taipei City in the morning, the mountain service team took the bus to Shih Lei and Ehen tribes at Jianshi Township, Hsinchu. They provided free clinic service at Maliguang Church in Yu-fong Village and organize helath related educational activities providing medical services for the local residents.
The medical service team in divided into three teams: “medical service team”, “entertainment team” and “health educational team.” They were the assistants of Tri-Service General Hospital doctors and carried out recreational activities for the local children as to transmit a correct health knowledge ensuring their individual health status.
Although the cold front has arrived, many tribal villagers still joined the activities. The students were very enthusiastic and helped the villagers to fill-in their data, measure their blood pressure and provide medicine in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. An advocacy of health education and usage of medicine was also carried out so that the correct health knowledge would be rooted in people’s mind.
The pastor from Maliguang Church, Tuluan Muni, expressed her gratefulness towards the efforst of the students from National Defense Medical Center and greatly praised for their love and enthusiasm.
The mountain service team from National Defense Medical Center is composed by students from social service association. For twenty years, they have been promoting and providing medical services and educational promotions for villagers in remote areas, a spirit inherited from their school. They have also been the companion of the tribal children during their winter holidays.