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Written by journalist Chou Sheng-wei from Military News Agency in Taipei on Feb. 1, 2015.

The special exhibition of “Soaring in the sky with well-trained skills – Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team” is now held at the Armed Forces Museum, which attracts parents to take their children who are now on their winter vacations to visit and together witness the hard and rigorous trainings of ROC Air Force Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team as well as the excellent fighting power of the Air Force. There are 8 divided exhibition areas in the special exhibition, which are “Honorable History”, “Loyal Spirit”, “Aircrafts”, “Distinguished Services”, “Viewing Military Parade with Technology”, “Falling in Love with the Air Force”, “Going Ahead Together at the Same Speed” and “Looking for the Traits of Tiger”. Through artifacts, models and multi-media interactive contents, visitors of all ages may understand the characteristics of missions for the Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team, their history of establishment and the results of rigorous trainings in the Air Force.
The Armed Forces Museum indicates that there are designed “learning sheets” for children visiting the special exhibition. Parents and children may find the answers for the questions on the learning sheet together at the special exhibition. A learning sheet with all correct answers on it can be exchanged with a souvenir at the service counter. The souvenirs for the Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team special exhibition include 4 kinds of stamps and 3 kinds of paper tapes. One person can only receive one of the souvenirs per day, and the total amount of the souvenirs is limited. The Armed Forces Museum indicates that the exhibition period of Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team special exhibition starts from today and will end on April 30 (the museum is closed on Sundays). There will also be 6 days (Feb. 18 - 23) of closure for the Chinese new year, and the museum will be open to the public again at 9 o’clock on Feb. 24. For further information related to the special exhibition, please refer to the website of the ROC Armed Forces Museum (