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Written by Youth Daily News journalist Sun Chien-ping

The Commander-in-Chief of ROC Army, General Yen Teh-fa, went to Xiaying District in Tainan City on behalf of the Minister of National Defense to make consolation to the soldiers who fought against the epidemic with the accompany of Major General Huang, the director of political warfare office. He asked all the executive officers there to plan the task arrangement, leaves and deferred holidays for the soldiers who fought against the epidemic well and to make sure the replacement of protective equipment and food safety for the soldiers in order to let the soldiers on mission have the perfect care and concentrate on the mission against the epidemic.

During the inspection, Commander-in-Chief Yen dearly inquired of the soldiers about their needs and exchanged professional opinions with the director of Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office, Chou I-chang.Commander-in-Chief Yen emphasized that “Loving and helping citizens” is the traditional spirit of ROC Armed Forces. The Armed Forces should stick to the idea of “seeing fighting against the epidemic as fighting a war” and fully support the local governments to win the war against the epidemic.All the soldiers on the mission of disinfecting there showed high morale toward the consolation visitation of the Commander-in-Chief.