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Taipei, reported by Hsieh, Tsung-Hsien

This year, Ministry of National Defense plans to provide 31 sessions of 16 summer battle camps for the improvement of national defense awareness. A number of activities, such as open day for military facilities, Nansha workshop camp and national defense in campus, are provided to help people understand how important national defense is and build a solid foundation for the overall defense energy.The summer battle camps have always been the hottest events ever since the first was made available for the public. With the careful planning of MND, young students have the chance to find out the importance of national defense in visits and hands-on practice. This year, MND plans to provide 31 sessions of 16 summer battle camps. This year’s camps are combined with the recruitment policy of the Armed Force and focused on the integration of difference service features and school education resource. The camps include Kinmen camp, Matsu camp, Penghu camp, amphibious warrior challenge and air combat camp. The “hands-on workshop for national defense science and fundamental technology” is this year’s new program that provides young student an alternative choice to enrich their summer life and improve the performance of national defense education.

For the Nansha camp, MND points out that there will still be 3 sessions this yea. In addition to faculty members and students related to studies in foreign language and information technology, schools that have participated in the camp in the past are eligible to sign in for a drawing. To make activities more interesting and rich, the study of Armed Force history in WWII and beach cleaning are added to the activity portfolio. Fan pages for these camps are established and connection to campus networks is developed for online lottery as part of the promotion of our policies for South China Sea, national defense information, concept of national defense education, thus improving the performance national defense. For the national defense in campus activity, MND says there will be 2 sessions every 6 months this year planned by the Army, Navy and Air Force Commands in each of northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan provided that the schedules of military service and school life are not compromised. These sessions will be carried out with face-to-face interactions and performances to improve students’ recognition and support for national defense.In addition, MND points out that this year is the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan in WWII. Apart from the memorial calendar of “spirits of national warriors” last year, there will be events of “international academic conference,” “special exhibition for the 70th anniversary of WWII victory and return of Taiwan” and “memorial concert” to help people know more about the true history of WWII in China theater. The troops that fought valiantly in WWII are selected for the 5 open camp events this year.