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(Military News Agency Lin Chin-jie, Taipei 14th)

Four committee members of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan composed by Chen Tang-shan and three other visited the “Fraternity Camp” just inaugurated at the Ministry of National Defense as a field trip to understand the current status of the police surveillance systems, green energy facilities and public art. Several practical suggestions were proposed hoping to enhance the policy effectiveness of the Ministry of National Defense.
The legislators Chen Tang-shan, Hsiao Bi-khim, Chiang Chi-Chen and Chan, Kai-Chin were accompanied by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of National Defense Chiu Kuo-cheng in the morning to inspect the “Fraternity Camp.” After listening to the presentation, they personally visited the police monitoring centre and the electromechanical room as to have a further understanding of the security maintenance and facilities of the camp. They care about  the fully implementation of the risk factor management and alarm functions as to ensure the pureness of the staff and the specific safety behaviors in the camp.
The legislators had a particular attention on the safety response mechanism of the “Fraternity Camp”. The Vice Minister indicated when responding to the inquiries that not only did they have a standby force in the camp, but also a close communication with the navy, the air forces and the nearby gendarmerie which established a comprehensive troop support system. They definitely had the ability to fulfill any emergency alterations.
In addition, the legislators were also concerned about the seismic design and environmental protection measures when inspecting the air conditioning, electricity and water systems of the buildings. They hoped that the Ministry of National Defense could also implement energy-saving and carbon reduction environmental policies when advancing into a new milestone. This would allow them to present the paradigm for the government’s public service as well as the new environment of the ministry.