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Taipei, reported by Tu, Chun-Wei

Ministry of National Defense just released the Armed Force calendar of 2015. It was a blast as soon as it was released. The public was amazed by the fresh and healthy new image of the Armed Force and started asking around how to get one. For this, the Ministry had a press conference to introduce 6 men and women posting for this calendar to the public. In the conference, they talked about the bits and pieces of the calendar shooting and why and how they joined the Armed Force. The confidence displayed on these men and women became immediately the center of all cameras, a success to demonstrate what a new generation soldier should look like.The Ministry cast volunteer service men and women who have the presentation and performance of professional soldier in this calendar, which was shot in a natural style in combination with the personal specialties and interests of the cast, trying to convey the pure and healthy characters of the boys and girls in your neighborhood as opposed to the dull, serious image of the old military. The conference yesterday was held to show people the idea behind this creation. As the demonstration of another side of military life, the men and women played music instruments and sang in the event for the audience, who were not shy to give the loudest applause.

The dark-skinned and masculine Private E-2 Class Chung, Chia-Lin, currently a soldier of Army Special Forces Command, was the lead member of cheerleading team in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, which won the third place in the World University Cheerleading Championship. His strong and masculine physique is the result of rigorous amphibious training. Corporal Tso, Puo-Wei of Factory 205, the Armament Bureau demonstrates a professional look in his photo shots at work, showing the maturity and hidden wisdom on his young face. An enthusiast for sports, he demonstrates his maturity and sunshine personality on his bike. Both of these young boys are the handsome face and muscle in the calendar.For ladies, fighter pilot Kao, Shu-Tzu, the first fighter pilot graduating from the Air Force Academy, defends the skies of Taiwan after series of flight training and tests. However, taking off the G-suit, she demonstrates her feminine side and sweet smiles, making it hard to relate her to a fighter jet. Staff Sergeant Tsao, Pei-Chi, currently a recruiting specialist of the 6th Army, adds her professional image to the calendar, giving a positive effect to the recruitment of Armed Force.General Luo, Shao-He, the spokesman of the Armed Force, said the 1,000 copies of the first edition were all given away, and the 2nd edition is on the way. For those who are interested in this calendar, please stay tuned for the announcement of the Ministry of National Defense.