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Chang, Li-zhen / Taipei

The “National Defense Education and Recruitment “ was held yesterday by the 737th Air Force Wing inviting all senior high students, vocational school students, teachers and parents in Taitung region to visit the military facilities and to experience flight simulations at Zhihang Air Force Base. From the combat preparedness, the public can experience the combat forces of the national army. At the same time, they can also learna about the working environment and nature of the soldiers as an encouragement for the aspiring youth to join the national forces.
With the aim to encourage young students to join the military forces, the concept of national defense has been established. The “National Defense Education and Recruitment “ held yesterday by 737th Air Force Wing invited senior high students, vocational school students, parents and teachers in Taitung region. The Wing Captain, Major General Ho, attended personally the visitors and explained the current recruitment policies to the parents and the teachers. In addition, the students was arranged to visit the facilities of the camp, which allowed the teachers, students and parents to learn the working environment of the unit hoping to attract more outstanding youth to join the army.
During the activity, the students went to the aircraft simulator, the aircraft repair shed and the avionics building as to visit F-5E/F Fighter, S-70C helicopter, the latest fire trucks and others; in particular, under the command of the officers, not only did they board the F-5F Fighter, but also operate the F-5E simulator at the simulation room. The visitors had the actual experience of aircraft acceleration, takeoff and landing. In addition, the students had a closer view of the two F-5E Fighter formation takeoff. They were surprised as they witnessed the officers’ labor for the continued  readiness training during the holidays.
Major General Ho also introduced the glorious history of the Wing and the features of the unit as well as the experiences of the pilots who successfully made their dream of aviator come true and the experiences of defending the R.O.C. territory. The students were encouraged to join the national forces as not only can they obtain a stable employment but also accomplish their ideals and dreams creating a brighter future.