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(Reported by reporter of Military News Agent, LEE, ZHONG-HSUAN, Taipei, Jan.8, 2015)

Youth Daily News held the "The Honorable Spirit-60th Anniversary of the Glorious Battle" Seminar today and invited domestic scholars and the surviving dependants to participate the seminar and to  memorize the glorious history through the discusion.
The seminar was hold at the Wenhua Camp of the Ministry and was hosted by the chief of Youth Daily News, colonel CHU, KUN-LIN and professor DIN, SHU-FAN of NCCU College of International Affairs. Director general of Battle of Yijiangshan Islands Committee, Mr. WANG, YIN-WEN, professor WU, KUN-TSAI of National Chiayi University History Department, professor FAN, SHI-PING of NTNU Graduate Institute of Political Science, and colonel, Military Instructor of National Defense University, WONG, YU-HEN was invited to participate the seminar titled " the Historical Background of the Battle".
Chief CHU summarized at the speech that general WANG, SHEN-MIN and all the defendant force were fearless of attack started by the CPC's superior force. Though the battle is solemn and stirring, the result encouraged the moral of the people, not only shocking the CPC army, but also arising sympathy from the world, leading to the birth of Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty.
The content of the seminar will be published in the website of Youth Daily News and the entry on Jan.12 to enhance the understanding of the honorable battle.