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(Interviewed by reporter, WU, BO-YI, at Taipei, Military News Agent)

The 2015 forced army promotional calendar featured 12 officers by month order, and in the calendar, they all revealed the extraordinary aspect in the military life. Lieutenant KAO, TZU-YU, one of the models, considered that the photo shoot is the opportunity to show on the calendar as a honor and a life time challenge; she appreciated the troop for giving her this special opportunity. She shared the experience and the lesson learned from this event, encouraging the younger generation to participate in the armed force and fulfill oneself.
KAO shared her motivation of joining the army started from an opportunity in her senior high school. She enrolled the air camp hold by the ministry of national defense and since then, she determined to be a solider defending the air of the country. Then, with the support of the family, she made up her mind to go to Air Force Academy and wishing her dream may come true.
KAO said that though the tough training in the school is the preparation for her dream to be realized and she will try her best to seize the opportunity. Soaring, to her, is not only a bliss of life, but also a step stone to next stage of life.
Sergeant LAI, JIA-HAO is the calendar model for June. He is a ARP warrior. He said since he's followed Father's path and wished to join ARP ever since graduated from Army Academy. He considered the photo shooting as a mission to complete and he was impressed by the results.
The making of the calendar is a great inspiration to all armed officer. They are eager to show their passion and pride as part of the defense force to the family and to the country and hoping to be the career model for all youth who also have a dream in military life.