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(Reported  by reporter of Military News Agent CHOU, LI-HSIN, Taipei, Jan.5)

The draft of "Voluntary Military Service System Promotion Act" had been reviewed by the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of Legislative Yuan and the article concerning the benefit of army men such as the combat additional pay, reenlistment compensation and the article concerning the benefits of career conciliation and study support had been approved by the committee, reinforcing the promotion of the new system.
The draft was discussed by the representative from the ministry of national defense, education, transportation, and the legislators. The articles concerning combat additional pay, reenlistment compensation, vocational training after office, and the utility benefit, career conciliation and education support, has been approved. It effectively guarantees the voluntary officer can enjoy the deserved benefit with a bright and dignified future.
In addition, the articles concerning in-service education program, priority right to contract labor purchase, and the transfer to civil service special exam, were reserved for further discussion on statutory revision.