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Exclusive interview by reporter Wang, Min-Da

Dongyin is a remote islet located at the north point of Matzu islands. Though it's a great defense of the strait and the staff suffered from the lack of materials and poor living environment, staff at Dongyin still stand fast and remain at post to defense the strait and make sure the safety in Taiwan.
The private first class, CHEN, KAI-HUI, was volunteered to service at Dongyin last October, declaring that he volunteered to this tough position to honor the spirit of military; the life in 586 brigade is not easy, however, standing at the front line, facing the threatens of the enemy is a special life experience for himself.
CHEN owns the EMT1, and he points out that he will take time in advance study and hope he can help the troop and contribute the medical profession to this island lack of medical resources one day. In addition, the brigade has arranged the NCO training for CHEN, hoping Chen can consistently step forward the bright future in the military life.
HUANG, CHUN-HSUIN, the private first class in Infantry battalion 1st company points out that the troop has been through the mission of Hankuang exercise and Lienhisin exercise and all the staff focused on the military profession for quite a while. The staff sharing weal and woe together is a life time memory for him and all the training is to make sure every soldier is capable of taking the responsibility of defense the homeland and reinforcing the defense of Dongyin, the fortress in north.