Autonomous defense zone


1. Policy of Self-sufficient National Defense

It is revealed in Article 22 of National Defense Act that “consolidation with civil effort is to develop the industry of national defense technology and acquire weapons and equipment with priority to self-produced products; while purchasing from foreign countries it is critical to fulfill transferring techniques to build up self-sufficient national defense.” MND is pursuing the goal of self-sufficient national defense with principles such as” Confirming core value, Integrating effort, Strategic alliance and Teamwork”. Using external resources and integrating civil effort to expand the producing scale of national defense industry are important bases to accelerate the production and deployment for active energy of national defense and strengthen the capacity of the military forces.

2. Current Status of Self-sufficient National Defense

Under the structure of “Development Affair of National Defense Technology (DANDT)”, the MND’s divisions of national defense technology and National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology are the very core to combine with commissioned R&D, production, maintenance and other resources to construct a system of national defense. To achieve the policy of self-sufficient national defense, MND has obtained critical techniques in R&D of weapon systems and used the fruits to improve the capacity of self-production; additionally, the mechanism of testing military equipment and commercial release can help integrate the technical resources from industries, academies and institutes. The effects are as follows:

(1) Cooperation with Institutes for National Defense Technology

To build up the ground and capacity of basic research, the non-confidential applied research can be commissioned to domestic universities. Each year in recent 5 years NT$110 million has been invested on 778 important research. In 2016 over NT$ 120 million has been spent on academic research, 13% higher than 2015.

(2) Research and Development of Critical Techniques

To make a breakthrough in R&D of weapon system, MND has established project “Specific Technique of National Defense” since 2008 and totally invested NT$5.54 billion to accomplish 72 indicative techniques including “Key Techniques of High-Frequency Directional Antenna”.

(3) Research and Development of Weapon System

According to the schedule of “Planning of National Defense Technology”, MND checks the TRL and launches the R&D of weapon systems. MND has averagely invested NT$3.69 billion each year in recent 5 years to operate “Project Strong Bow” developing 48 sorts of weapon systems. Additionally, with the foreseen results to accomplish the development of weapon systems MND has prepared NT$5.76 billion in 2016, 110% higher than 2015.

(4) Mass Production of Weapon System

In the light of the foundation of the Force and reviewing the results, the average cost to establish weapon systems by forces has totally been NT$23.97 billion in recent 5 years

(5) Economic Contribution of Industrialization

To properly transform the mature national defense technology and produce the effect of appreciation, the commissioned R&D and technology transferring have created NT$7.47 billion.

(6) Contracted Maintenance of Military Equipment

For stronger civil effort in the industry, the mechanism that civil effort is involved in testing military equipment is to build up an integrated supply chain and the commission has totally been NT$5.01 billion in recent 5 years.

(7) Strategic Commercial Maintenance

For better commission systems to create win-win situation between the military and civil, MND has given NT$6.4 billion of commission in recent 5 years through “State-Owned but Civil-Run”, “Commissioned Management”, “Strategic Commercial Maintenance”. There were NT$8.9 billion ready in 2016, 116% higher than 2015.

(8) Commercial Release of Resources of National Defense

In consistence with the direction of Executive Yuan “Stimulate the Economy and Expand the Inner Demand”, the capital of commercial release of all sorts of military demand has totally been NT$422.6 billion in recent 5 years (average NT$84.5 billion each year). The capital for 2016 was NT$81 billion.

Information date: 2016/07/01