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Conference Rules for the Committee of National Pension Reform of Office of the President

Agreement of the second conference of the Committee of National Pension Reform of Office of the President on June 30th, 2016.

1. Conference

Article 1

The conference held by the Committee of National Pension Reform (the “committee conference”) can only be effective with over half of the total members present. Should the representatives of groups and the government be absent the deputies are eligible to attend the conference.

Article 2

The committee conference is held by the Convener of the Committee of National Pension Reform (the “committee”) and the Deputy Convener is in charge of it as the absence of the Convener.

Article 3

The chairman has the right to delay the conference if the present number is short as the due time and to postpone the conference if the number is still short after two delays.

Article 4

The principle maximum duration for every conference is 2 hours and can be prolonged or shortened if necessary. The prolongation should be favored by over half of the present members and the limit is 1 hour at most.

Article 5

The committee conference will be webcasted and the information will also be published at the official website of the Committee of National Pension Reform of Office of the President. (http://pension.president.gov.tw)

2. Agenda

Article 6

The agenda is prepared by the staff members every time prior to the conference and the information is provided 3 days before it to acquire the confirmation of committee conference.

Article 7

Each committeeman can hand in a proposal with at least one signed petition before the conference; or propose an extempore motion with at least one signed petition or one shout-out.  

Article 8

The chairman has the right to assign the issue dependent on the process of agenda. The report and information should be provided in the form of paper or electronic. Any committeeman is granted to ask the chief agencies of pension reform to reflect the issues and the agencies cannot refuse to.

Article 9

The chairman can inquire the stakeholders of group representative committeeman or personal committeeman to be the speaker and the staff member should offer necessary assistant.

Article 10

The information for each conference will be delivered to committeeman to prepare for any speech.

3. Speak

Article 11

It is required to raise hands to ask for permission from chairman to speak.

Article 12

The maximum speaking time is 5 minutes and the limit is 3 minutes since the second speech in the same subject. The speech should be stopped as over time.

Article 13

The speaking order is based on first come first serve, but for the simultaneous situation the priority is given to the original proposers who’d like to provide further interpretation, the least-speaking or never-yet-speaking ones, those sitting further from the chairman and woman speakers.

Article 14

To clarify the issues the chairman can ask the committeeman related to the subject to speak regardless of the speaking order.

Article 15

The committeeman can submit the points of speech to the chairman to let the conference staff announce.

4. Conclusion

Article 16

The relevant order issues of the conference will be decided by show of hands.

Article 17

It is the principle to reach consensus for the conclusion of the solid pension issues. If no consensus all the committeemen should go through the negotiation and if still no consensus the opinion of each should be listed with bylines.

5. Others

Article 18

Anything not included in the Rules depends on the conference regulations promulgated by Ministry of the Interior.


Information date:2016/12/11