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Reported by the reporter of the Military News Agent, ZHOU, LI-HSIN in Kaohsiung, Mar.4 The Dunmu Fleet 2015 training opening ceremony was hosted by General Kao, the commander, today. Kao encouraged the troop to have the sense of responsibly, showing the audience the result of training. The troop hold high morale when being reviewed by the commander. Commander Kao claimed that the Dunmu voyeur is a huge event for the Navy. The graduate can experienced all kinds of practical skills during the sailing and understood the spirit of friendship on the visiting. Meanwhile, the trained members are the module of the army, promoting the enthusiastic and professional image of the army to people in Taiwan. Commander Kao emphasized the safety and discipline of the trip, asking the staff to take care on the members and understand that all the members share the common faith on the fleet; all the staff shall ensure the safety on people, objects, and the sailing, maintaining the image of the Navy. Commander Kao claimed that all the soldiers shall have faith on the country, responsibilities, and honor and all the graduates are the representation of the faith, conveying the navy spirit, inheriting the glorious tradition. After the ceremony, the fleet, consisting of the Wuyi, Banchaio, and Xinin, were ready for setting on. They start off on 11:30 for the domestic training and arrived at Kaohsiung on 3 pm. The fleet members were to ensure the supplies and preparing for the meeting on Mar.6.