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(Reported by Tsai, Tsung-Heng, Military News Agency)
“As the Pan-Shi was delivered and manned, everyone on board the ship was dedicated to all kinds of preparedness training, proficiency qualifications and improvement of professional abilities. It is hard along the way but everyone is on the same ship literally and works together to get the job done,” said the 1st supply office, Lieutenant Ku, Kai-Wen of the Pan-Shi, talking about how proud she is to serve on the largest military vessel in Taiwan.
Lieutenant Ku pointed out that the Pan-Shi, or bedrock literally, performs mostly offshore supplies, transportation and humane rescue missions in peace time, and when it comes to wartime, this ship serves to transport and supply fuel, ammunition and strategic materials thanks to its features of high payload capacity, long range and large displacement. Upon the delivery of vessel, all the boys and girls on board started the training courses step by step, feeling confident of completing all kinds of supportive missions.
Lieutenant Ku indicated that the Pan-Shi is a fast combat support ship featuring outstanding supper capacity and nimble mobility. As the 1st supply officer, the weight on her shoulder was beyond description. Particularly, there is no room for error when it comes to the processes of supply, transportation and material provision. The ship crew has performed a series of fueling-at-sea and highline transfer exercises during the training voyage. The training efforts will continue to make sure every mission is performed professionally.
“I will carefully play my role in defending our sea territories and protect the security of our land and people. I am not going to disappoint people of Taiwan for their expectation for the Navy and the Tuo-Chiang,” said seaman 1st class Li, Tu-Chi of the Tuo-Chiang who is a soldier converted from compulsory service to voluntary service. He joined the Navy because he has been longing for the life on a ship and what he does in Navy. He added that he is very proud to be a Navy sailor and one of the crew on the Tuo-Chiang, a corvette designed and built in Taiwan.
Seaman Lin indicated that the training on board is harsh but right to the point. He felt that he is physically fit for duty thanks to the encouragement of ship officers and his own efforts, and the service has helped improve his .perseverance and willpower. With the leadership of officers, he believes that all hands on deck will work as a team and get the jobs done.