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Reported by journalists Liu Pei-chien and Huang Cheng-i

The navy 2015 midshipman cruising and training squadron was open for the public to visit at the navy base in Magong, Penghu. More than 1,000 people came to see the fleet, showing their support for the navy with their actual actions. Besides, Penghu Defense Command set the exhibition of weapons and equipment and talent recruit promotion stand at the site, which all along inspired many young students to join the Armed Forces in the future.
The magistrate of Penghu County, Chen Kuang-fu, and the mayor of Magong City, Yeh Chu-lin, went to the Observatory Island port in Magong Harbor with the company of Director Chao of Penghu Service Station for Soldiers to welcome the squadron and console the soldiers. The event of opening for public visit yesterday was started with the performance of the Marching Band of Naval Academy, Navy Honor Guards and Marine Chikwondo Corps. Although it was very cold outdoor, the local people and students were so warm that people just kept coming to Magong Harbor to see the excellent performance of the navy soldiers.
Penghu Defense Command set an exhibition of weapons and equipment and the stand for talent recruiting around the port. The fine weaponry currently used by the Armed Forces was displayed to the public there.
Among the items in the exhibition, the “shooting simulator” of 155mm howitzer was the most popular one for young people to experience. The tank currently used by the Armed Forces was also the best selection for people to take a picture with. Many male students said that they would like to serve in an armored corps in the future to be masculine men.
Li Chia-hsuan, a sergeant of communication, information and electronic warfare profession and a member of the navy midshipman cruising and training squadron this year, was born and grew up in Penghu. She was responsible for the release and delivery of posters and souvenirs of public relations and providing information reference for the public.
She said that it was the first time for her to participate in the midshipman cruising, training and visiting tasks. She felt so proud that she could be on the fleet sailing around the island and coming back to her hometown and provide service for the local people. The tasks this year were extraordinarily meaningful for her.