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Reported by CHANG, LI-ZHENG in Taipei

A TransAsia Airways plane crashed yesterday and the army immediately organized a equipped rescue crew consisting of 400 officers from the 3rd war zone, M3 bridge vehicle, rubber boat, 15-ton derrick car, ambulance, and lighting vehicle. The army provided the disaster relief with the principle of compassion and unyielding effort.
A TransAsia Airways ATR72─600 plane crashed yesterday and the Ministry soon initiated Henshan Command. The commander of the 3rd war zone, WANG, HSIN-LONG, organized the troop to cooperate with the police, rescuing the survivors. To the evening,  the engineer troop lighted up the scene and set up the M3 bridge vehicle, establishing a rescue platform on the river, hoping to assist all the rescue team in discovering survivors.
In addition, the liaison officer of reserve command also organized a reservist rescue team of 40 people  from Nangang, Neihu, and Xizhi area, helping to control the traffic and medical assistance. Meanwhile, the command also helped to identify the deceased passenger and offer first time assistance for survivors.
The ministry claimed that the rescue crew consists of 420 officers from Guangdu 53 engineer troop, navy underwater operation group, air force 141 defense troop, MP 202 command, district reservist command, and the tri-service hospital; equipment consisting of 2 M3 bridge vehicles, 8 rubber boats, 2 15-ton derrick cars, 13 ambulances, 2 lighting vehicles, 1 329 excavator, 1 35 ton driving truck, and others.
Wang suggested that the rescue team will consistently holds the principle set by the president, advanced deployment for possible need, giving its full effort in accomplishing the rescue mission, conveying the spirit of commpassion.