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Public Opinion Mailbox Documentation
A. Principles for Handling:
  This office respects the matters that you raise. In accordance with Article 17 of the administrative procedure law: if the petition does not show a real name or address, it cannot be handled. In order to maintain troop quiet and prevent against unlawfulness and improve various matters, as well as raise the level of military service quality, the handling procedures of this office will hand the matters you raised over to the managing unit for improvement; if the letter does not contain details of your service unit, we are unable to carry out investigations and improvements.
B. Mail Handling Procedure:
  In the mail handling procedure, the results are based on information issued by the system, and are supplemented by Email notification; shortly after, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Ministry of Defense to confirm that the Email details you provided are correct. The public opinion mailbox responses are mainly carried out via online websites, and supplemented by Email responses to remind you to remember your Email application number after filling in your information online and receiving confirmation. You can then make enquiries on-line anytime regarding progress and out responses. Please note: if you have not received a confirmation letter, please search in Junk Mail. Free mailboxes such as Yahoo, Hotmail, PCHome etc., may mistake this website’s notification letter for advertising mail; please search in Junk Mail and assign the mail to the Safe List as to make sure you receive the confirmation letter. Thank you for your letter!
C. Notes about activating petition letter:
1. After you send out the petition letter, the system will immediately send a petition letter confirmation letter to the mail box that you provided. After confirmation activation, we will handle and reply in the shortest possible time.
2. If you have not received a confirmation letter in your mailbox you can directly login to “handling progress inquiry” and check petition letter progress enquiries and letter activation; if it is in “non activated” status, please click the activation button and we will handle the matter and reply in the shortest possible time .
D. Telephone numbers of the various mailbox enquiry services are as follows:
Chief 251737 Armaments Bureau 215493
Comptroller Bureau 251900 Medical Bureau 255707
General Political Warfare Bureau 253627 Army Command Headquarters 333629
Navy Command Headquarters 682095 Air Force Command Headquarters 273198
Combined Logistics Command Headquarters 652137 Reserve Command Headquarters 261373
Military Police Command 691166 Chief of Military Intelligence 605710
Mr. Ke Cheng-ping 253147 National Armed Forces Recruitment Center 213000-257


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