Reserve Mobilization Management


Concepts of re-mobilization- Part 1

Re-mobilization of the reserved

The policy of “1 call in 2 years” and “grouped members for specifics” contains officers and general sergeants with soldiers to have 5-to-7-day training. Based on the principle that officers exercise the command chain and soldiers practice combat (including life-fire shooting) and disaster rescuing skills, the schedule and training sessions will be determined by force types, organization and missions. It is expected that the members can be effectively chosen, organized and trained to achieve the goal of ”Instant Mobilization and Instant Combat”

Auxiliary task-based re-mobilization

According to the policy of “1 call in 2 years”, different training sessions will be set by the types of organization and given tasks. The exercise will be carried out as “listening and doing”, “united and self-training” in 1 day. Also, it is all on the basis of “mission and performance” to go through the critical points and demonstrate the enhanced capacity to support military tasks.

(Information date: 2016/06/30)