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2015 Performance Reports of MND

2015 performance reports of MND       


1. Since 2002 Executive Yuan has promoted “Performance Evaluation of Governmental Agencies” and in 2009 “Administrative Handout of Performance Evaluation of Executive Yuan’s sub-agencies” was promulgated. The critical points and strategies were made according to President’s policies and Director’s ideal. Concurrently, using the value of “balancing score cards” is to provide valid evidence for analysis to evaluate the administrative performance from 4 perspectives including “Results”, “Effectiveness”, “Fiscal management” and “Organized learning”. It is a systematic method to quantify the visions and strategies of an organization to design the critical aims and KPI to determine the pros and cons of an agency, giving thorough management rules.

2. On Sep 19th 2012, MND’s national preparation document No.1010001237 was issued in accordance with Executive Yuan’s demand and MND’s policy direction which asked for “MND Middle-Range Policy Plan (2013-2016)”. The plan was to define 9 “Key Strategic Goals” including “Promotion of Enlisting System”, “Restore the Spiritual Value”, “Enhance the Cooperation between Allies”, “Optimization of the Livelihood Care”, “Integration of crisis management”, “Full Security of Rights and Legitimacy”, “Perfection in Armaments”, “Refinery in Military Forces”, and “Better Quality of Military Forces”, which were combined with 5 “Common Goals” such as “Improvement in Research Capacity”, “Promotion of Cross-Agency Services and Collaboration”, “Achievement in Government’s Inner Control”, “Appreciate the Capital Effect and Allocate the Governmental Resources”, and “Enhance the Quality of Human Resources and Management Efficiency”. The relevant staff in MND set up 26 indicators (19 KPIs and 7 common indicators) and yearly “Value of Accomplishment”.

3. MND adopts the principles of “Organized responsibility” and “Goal Management” according to the project of “Performance Evaluation”. The implementing plan has to be set first before execution by the agencies related to “Key Strategic Goals” (Common Goals) and the agencies need to complete the self-evaluating report by the end of year with evaluation system. The inspection team was grouped up to make the evaluation fair and objective. From Jan 11th to Jan 18th the team went to the agencies (including Political Warfare Bureau, Armaments Bureau, Comptroller Bureau, Strategic Planning Division, Resource Planning Division, Legitimacy Division, Chief Inspector Office, Personnel Office, Personnel Office of Staff Officer, Battle and Planning Office of Staff Officer) to examine the validation of evidence in “Self-Evaluation Report” and submit it to MND for “2015 Performance Reports”

Information date: 2016/06/01