Recruiting system


Enlisting system- Career


Education scholarship。

Score-bonus privilege for retired military members competing in the exams for higher education above high school. (According to “Privilege Regulations of Retired Military Members Competing in the Exams for Higher Education above High School”)

Subsidies to veterans attending lessons for national exams.

Subsidies to veterans attending lessons in community colleges


In those medical institutions including 3 veteran hospitals (all medical centers) in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung plus 12 branch hospitals provide:

Medical services

Subsidies for assistive devices

Special prices for medical care and subsidies.


Veteran Affairs Council has set 16 veteran houses to provide sheltering, nursing and services for Dementia, including:

Full-paid settlement

Part-paid settlement

Service and caring

Support and condolences for veterans and their families.

Subsidies and scholarship for education of veterans’ children.

Subsidies for meals of veterans’ children

Service of law inquiry

Afterlife services



Detail as in the attached file freely to be downloaded

Information date: 2016/07/5