Gender Equality Area


As in favor of Executive Yuan’s instruction, MND has instituted “Project of MND promotion on gender mainstreaming (2014-2017)”, which was accepted after the 18th meeting and submitted to Executive Yuan for approval. The content of the project sets the aims and KPI that, in the future 4 years, are going to evaluate MND’s performance of gender mainstreaming on the basis of “The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)” and solid actions in “Policy Headlines of Gender Equality” with conclusions after each meeting of designated team.

The results of the last year work on gender mainstreaming will be published in response to the demand of the project.


Project undergoing

Project of MND promotion on gender mainstreaming (2014-2017)

Results of promoting gender mainstreaming

2014, 2015

Information date: 2016/04/29