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Taichung City government team, each district chief and Taichung military service station formed Spring Festival team to pay tribute to the central military troops on 22nd.  (Provided by The Tenth Army Corps)
The Defense Minister Yan Ming supervised the recruitment center in southern region of National Military on the 11th.  He had a cordial talk with the candidate who was taking the intelligence test and was welcomed to join the army. (Photographed by Zhuang Jia-Hong, Military News Agency)
The newly designed “Welfare Handbook” of the General Welfare Service of MND adopts practical, convenient and lively concept to pair up with the preferential feedback activity of “Happy Exchange Ticket” which were favored by soldiers and consumers (Photographed by Liu De-Qing, Military News Agency)
The 4th Battle Zone Stationed in Rescue Relief Command Post and Express Team Work Spirit
On the 20th, the army Chief of Staff, Admiral Gao Guang-Qi issued on behalf of the Defense Minister Yen Ming a retired medal to Colonel Zhang Jian-Mu and other retired officers for their contribution and effort during their military service. (Photographed by Lin Yi-Qing, Military News Agency)
The Defense Minister Yan Ming went to Wu Qiu for an inspection tour on the 10th and had a cordial talk with soldiers about their work and living conditions. (Photographed by Li Yi-Hao, Military News Agency)
Chikwondo Member Chun-wei Li on her 3rd Cruising Mission Greatest Motivation from Mother’s support
National Armed Forces Standby in Taitung for Disaster Relief Missions
The Air Force first-aid team successfully completed the mission of sending S-70C aircraft off Keelung to evacuate Panamanian crew who had heart discomfort back to Songsang base at 11:57A.M. (Provided by Songshan Air Force Base)
The Commander Luo, Lieutenant General of National Military Fifth War Zone, dined with soldiers at alpine station on the 9th.  During the meal, he cared and asked about the living conditions of soldiers. (Provided by National Military the Fifth War Zone)
Media Delegation Visit 203rd Arsenal and Witness the Superior Research Results of Armed Forces
Deputy Minister of MND, Shih-chang, Chao supervised Military Medical Units and Encourage Cadres to put Personnel Training into Practice

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