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(Reported by reporter Lin, Yi-Chin in Hualien on Apr.13)
To enhance the peoples' alarm on air attack , the Hualien Wanan No.38 Military Air-raid Drill was launched today on 13:30. As the alarm was released, a 3-minute evacuation was executed. The result is satisfactory.The drill brief was conducted by air force vice commander and mobilization chief of the Executive Yuan, lieutenant general, LIU, SHO-REN. After the brief, the police department set off the alarm and the traffic control, conducting the evacuation and medical treating. The shop alongside Zhongzheng Rd. and Zhingshan Rd., all turn off the light and actively vacating the street.General LIU was satisfied by the result and appreciating the assistance from the county government and the citizen. The busy streets were vacated immediately; overall, the drill was successful. The success of the drill also was attributed to the effort of the county government checking the refugee and promoting the drill information. The police department had done a great job in mobilizing; total 840 personnel from the army, police, and civil defense participated the drill. The drill aimed to reinforce the defense conscious and to fulfill the goal of civil defense