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(Military News Agency/Lee, Yihao at Taipei)

Minister of National Defense Gao, Guang-chi hosted the “Celebration of 2015 Youth Day and the Monthly Seminar in April” with the purpose to motivate and encourage the military officers to present the youth’s passion and ideals by following the examples of the martyrs’ dedication and devoting the forces into the preparation works; we will all work together for the building of a brighter and better future vision.
The Monthly Seminar was organized at Fraternity Camp in the morning. Minister Gao first praised the outstanding performance evaluation of distinct units and individuals, such as the high level members, the solicitors, the army’s comptrollers’ business assessment, the effectiveness of environmental auditing by the national forces as well as the confidential supervisory officers. He expressed his affirmation and encouragement for their attitude of excellence and for creating superior performances, which are the examples for the military officers.

As pointed out by Minister Gao, this year is the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan and the retrocession of Taiwan. As to commemorate the history and fact of the combats carried out by the military forces as well as to explicate the truth of the war to the international society, the Ministry of National Defense had organized different activities to show the combat forces, camp open days, academic seminars, exhibition of the war history and commemorative musicals as to commend the loyalty of the officers. It would also present the true history of the victory and Taiwan retrocession.

Minister Gao indicated, there is only one fact of history. The eight-year war was led by the government of Republic of China; the victory was the results of the brave sacrifices of the national officers, which shall not be falsified and distorted by the government of Continental China. The Minister also quoted President Ma’s words: “the error of invasion can be forgiven, but the bloody history cannot be forgotten.” He expected that all the military officers can understand the essences  of “ruthless war and the priceless true meaning of peace” as to devote themselves into the missions of the military trainings and to pass them  down. They should also be “loyal to the country, to the team, and to their works” as to fulfill their mission of state guardian.

In terms of the current “recruitment system,” Minister Gao indicated that the national defense construction is a work of continuity and integrity. Owing to the combat demand of high-tech model, volunteered manpower with strong adaptability and willingness shall be kept. In this way, the training results of the teams in stand-by can be accumulated as to fortify the overall combat skills.

Minister Gao further said that as to increase the effectiveness of recruitment and staying of the military volunteers, the national forces are devoted on the reforms and internal management, enhancement of the environment, expansion of other continuing education channels and other measures. For the moment, the Executive Yuan has already drafted “remuneration raising for the combat teams”, “premium for camp staying” and other adjustment measures for the payment. It is expected that in the recent future, they can all be implemented.  In addition, the Legislative Yuan has also approved “The Provisional Regulations for Promoting Mercenary System” at the first instance. The Ministry of Interior also reported “The Privileges Ordinance of Military Personnel and Their Families” to the Legislative Yuan for consideration, hoping that an integrated retirement and pension system for the officers can attract more youth joining the military forces.

Minister Gao also quoted from “Zhu De's Army Management Thought”: “Without a person in the camp, the entire battalion is a waste.” He hoped that the officers at all level can be the example for others and be the leading head for the trainings. They should uphold the spirit and attitude of “sincere leadership and sensible service”, building the respect and reliance from the inner heart. This would form the atmosphere and motivation of obedience and unity, consolidating the togetherness of the troops and increasing their confidence and sense of accomplishment of the officers.
In terms of disaster prevention and saving missions, the Minister also instructed all units to pre-plan the locations of the troops before the flood season, and to accomplish disaster prevention preparations based on the plan. They should timely master the weather and climate information as to display the military forces’ capability of “combating at any time, while saving in needs.”

Recently, Taiwan is facing the most severe drought problem for the last decade. Minister Gao also demanded all units to actively cooperate with the energy-saving policies of the government and to appreciate and use effective water resources. Daily water-saving actions should be taken as to avoid wasting. They should all be in line with the general public to overcome the difficulty.