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Reported by Liu Pei-chien in Taichung

The event of the opening to public of the 2015 navy midshipman cruising & training squadron at Taichung Port for two days ended perfectly yesterday. There were totally more than 40,000 people who came to the event. Especially, yesterday was the “White Day”. Many families and girlfriends of the soldiers who participated in the cruising & training squadron came to see them. There was a happy and heartwarming atmosphere. The navy soldiers brought the encouragement and support from their beloved ones and concentrated on their tasks of defending the country. They arrived at Keelung Port today and were going to show the solid trained fighting abilities to people from northern Taiwan.
It was still in the weekend yesterday. The event of the opening to public of the 2015 navy midshipman cruising & training squadron at Taichung Port attracted so many people to come for visiting. The splendid military music played by the drum corps as well as the powerful and elegant performance of Chikwondo all along made visitors feel so astonishing. Especially, it was the “White Day” yesterday. The families and girlfriends came to visit the soldiers, and they had a good holiday which was hard to forget together. Miss Yang Wan-lin, who saw the well-trained practice for the first time, said that she felt confident in the solid war potentials of the Armed Forces. She even hoped to have a chance to learn some martial art from her boyfriend. She also indicated that the trainings for soldiers are very harsh, but she will be always willing to accompany and support her boyfriend, encouraging him to endeavor in the trainings. For it was the “White Day”, Miss Yang also loudly said to her boyfriend that she hoped that he can complete the tasks safe and sound, and she will be waiting for him to come back.
The home of Staff sergeant Wei Ming-tsun, who serves on the warship “Wu-i” ib the 151 fleet, is in Nantou, and he has served on the warship for 3 years. He said he felt like to be in a dream to meet all his family on the warship “Wu-i” on the White Day. He felt so touched that his wife brought their two children and came to Taichung Port so early in the morning. He also thanked his wife very much that she takes good care of everything at home to let him hold his position without concerns, thus being able to defend the happiness of more citizens.
Ending the activities at Taichung Port, the 2015 navy midshipman cruising & training squadron headed for Keelung and continued to make various performances at Keelung Port to show people in northern Taiwan the solid war potentials of the navy and the passion and energy of the soldiers.