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Exclusive news by journalist Chang Li-chen

The “Cheng-gong-ling Military Summer Camp” with the period of 4 days and 3 nights contains lessons of “shooting simulation in virtual battlefields”, “live fire exercise of M249 machine guns”, “training for night battles”, “group growth exploration – training in high and low altitudes” and “introduction to the specifications of CM-32 Clouded Leopard Armored Vehicle and experiencing being transported by it”, and it attracts a lot of young students to join in every year. It always let the participants have remarkable memories with the astonishing lessons.
The “Cheng-gong-ling Military Summer Camp” this year will be performed in 3 different time periods according to where the participants are from, and the event will start at the beginning of July. Students who join the summer camp will have to change their clothes to the uniforms of the camp and camouflage pants with military senses, and they will have to go through the opening ceremony of the training programs and to be led to go around the base. There will also be time sections planned for them to have further knowledge about each other and songs with military themes will be taught to them. All the activities of the first day will end in a happy atmosphere.
During the lesson of “introduction to the specifications of CM-32 Clouded Leopard Armored Vehicle and experiencing being transported by it”, military instructors will introduce the specifications of the Clouded Leopard armored vehicle to the participants. The participants can not only know about the details of its structure, but they can also be carried in the armored vehicle, going through all kinds of slopes, trenches and water. They will feel the pleasant feeling of being transported in the armored vehicle. In the part of “live fire exercise of M249 machine guns”, which is usually expected the most, the participants may feel the astonishing feeling of firing live ammunition with real guns.
The “virtual battlefield shooting simulator” is the special training equipment in Cheng-gong-ling base. Through the simulation of battle fields, the participants can experience in groups the ambience as if they were in the battle fields. Besides, in the lesson of “training in high and low altitudes”, designed lesson contents such as “fall with trust”, “plank bridge” and “big swing” will help the participant to learn cooperation and help each other as well as to overcome fears and go through different kinds of challenges one by another. Young students who love to find some stimulation through physical activities must not miss this event, and you are welcome to join the “Cheng-gong-ling Military Summer Camp” to face these challenges.