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(Reporter of Military News Agent, Chuang, JIa-Hong on Feb. 24, in Taipei)

Minister GAO,GUANGCHI organized the 2015 spring greeting and encouraged the staff to make progress on national defense, promoting the voluntary military service system and becoming the solid support for people in Taiwan.
The greeting was hold in Boai Camp. Minister Gao, Chief Staff General YEN, Vice Minister LIU, Vice Chief Staff General PU, all levels of chief officers and the Minister attended and greeted for the coming of spring.
Minister Gao appreciated the war preparation work in the Chinese new year vacation and pointed out again the outstanding performance of the army on training and the weapon development which is the basis of the military power and reinforcing the confidence of people on Army.
Minister Gao pointed out the army has become a crucial power for social stableness. The army assisted the rescue of TransAsia air crash, mobilizing the sixth Regina, 53 engineering troop, Guandu command, underwater team, air rescue team, and tri-service hospital to execute the nine-day rescue mission, embodying the compassion of the army for people in Taiwan.
Minister Gao claimed the core of the army is the preparation for war and training. The only way to secure the national defense is to make progress day by day and reinforce the professions of the military branches.
The voluntary military service system will revolutionize the national defense of the country; it's a critical move for the development of national security. The Minister encouraged everyone shall advance the professions and the Ministry shall develop reasonable welfare plan to keep the talents working for the army.
This year is the 70th anniversary for the victory on the war against Japan. The Ministry has arranged a serial of events to honor the history under the guidance of the government. Minister Gao encouraged the staff shall promote the spirit of cooperation and fight for the discourse right in interpreting the nature of the war.