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Defense News

Minister of MND Hua-chu Kao Summoned Former Military Diplomats and Praised for their Efforts(2012-08-09)

(7th Aug, Ching-chieh Lin, Taipei, Military News Agency) Minister of MND Hua-chu Kao summoned 2012nd former military diplomats and praised them for their contribution in developing bilateral military exchange and consolidating R.O.C. and accredited countries’ friendship which help R.O.C.’s military diplomacy greatly.

According to Kao, MND follows government’s policy for years which dispatches outstanding officers either study overseas or as assigned diplomats to establish systemized channel of cultivating military personnel and paves good foundation for war readiness.  He expected these former military diplomats to keep contributing their expertise in their post with years’ overseas experiences and eventually, becomes the role model of other military cadres.

According to Kao, cultivating talent for R.O.C. is MND’s indispensable responsibility; each unit should follow the principle of early cultivation and planning for outstanding officials and along with long-term operation and development to perfect former military diplomats’ control and assignment.  The goal that combines making choices, training and application can be reached by putting the talented ones in best use. 

Minister Kao applied the great general of Southern Song Dynasty, Tien-hsiang Wen’s poetry, The Song of Justice as an example.  He encouraged military diplomats sticking to their basic virtue of swordsman and cultivating the quality of probity and fidelity which will elevate R.O.C. armed forces’ national visibility.

Moreover, 9 military diplomats such as Colonel Pin-lin Ho shared their overseas diplomatic working experience with Minister Kao and expected to make military exchange more matured. 


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