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Defense News

Navy’ Annual Drill of Combat Tactics Training Testify Achievement(2012-08-08)

(6th Aug, Yi-li Juo, Taipei, Military News Agency) Navy Command Headquarters called an impromptu press conference today and stated the purpose of annual drill of combat tactics training.  By regulating navy in specific drill sea areas and having fleets carry out the assigned missions to testify the achievement of each fleet’s daily combat tactics training which has nothing to do with Han Kwang Drill or Ku An Operation Plan.

According to Navy Command Headquarters, the key issue of Major General, Feng-chiang Chang’s case is about drill discipline.  Major General Feng-chiang Chang of 168th Fleet deliberately changed the drill plan without approval which violated the training discipline.  A special naval committee has finalized preliminary investigation report and transferred it to MND for further investigation.  Related drill members’ loss and their improper control behaviours will be punished without favour.

Navy Command Headquarter emphasized in the press conference that discipline is the basic requirement and lifeline of armed forces training.  R.O.C. Navy will take this case as an example and plan to circulate each base for further discipline education after the annual combat training drill finishes to rectify troops’ discipline.


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