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Defense News

Deputy Minister Shih-chang Chao Inspected Military Medical Units and Encouraged them to Put Safety Management into Practice(2012-07-11)

(7th July, Chia-liang Kuo, Keelung & Taipei, Military News Agency) Deputy Minister of MND, General Shih-chang Chao inspected military medical units and armaments units today.  He instructed all cadres to put risk management into practice and carry out missions of construction projects and medical care work according to the standardized working procedures.  By doing so, the national overall combat force and working capacity can be elevated without human errors

In the company of Administrative Deputy Minister, Lieutenant General Chuan-guan Chen and Director-general of Armament Bureau, Lieutenant general Shou-feng King, Chao visited Keelung Receiving Unit, Procurement Center, Armament Bureau, Keelung Branch of Tri-service General Hospital and Po-ai construction site.   On behalf of Minister Hua-chu Kao, Chao expressed approval toward on-duty officers’ hard working.

While visiting Keelung Receiving Unit, Chao requested all cadres to strengthen the execution of military discipline and put standardized procedures into practice for avoiding any accidents or human errors.  They are expected to carry out the mission of making inventory for military materials and transfer them to related units at the goal of zero industrial incident and zero injury to insure the overall safety.

After hearing the mission briefing from Tri-service General Hospital, Keelung branch, Chao encouraged the hospital personnel to well perform their duties and look after hospitalized officers and their families.  Chao also emphasized the importance of taking care of medical personnel’ welfare and promotion, which will enable them to fully devote themselves into the work and make the hospital the guardian of officers’ health.

While supervising Po-ai project in Tachi, Taipei, Chao approved of the teams’ hard work and instructed the project team to handle the contract termination with RPTI international Ltd with care and draft supporting measures for the following contract construction ASAP without violating the laws or contract.  It is also recommended to reach supporting agreement among other related units to strengthen job site’s safety and avoid any accidents.


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