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Chairman of VAC Chin-ling, Tseng Encourage Nursing Personnel of Taipei Veterans General Hospital to Treat Patients like Their Own Family(2012-05-11)

(8th May, Yu-jan Liu, Taipei, Military News Agency) Chairman of Veteran Affairs Commission (VAC), Chin-ling, Tseng hosted International Nurses Day and VAC Medical and Nursing Facilities of Northern Region Joint Celebration Assembly today.  He encouraged nurses and co-workers to create harmonious relationship between patients and medical staffs with the spirit of treating them like their own family, build up high-quality and high-efficiency nursing environment for improving medical service toward veterans and general public.

International Nurses Day and VAC Medical and Nursing Facilities of Northern Region Joint Celebration Assembly was held in Taipei Veterans General Hospital this morning.  The Chairman of VAC, Chin-ling, Tseng firstly present awards to 36 outstanding nursing personnel from medical and nursing facilities in Northern Region such as Hui-hsueh, Lin to recognize their devotion and contribution in nursing care.

During the celebration assembly, Chairman Tseng expressed that Taipei Veterans General Hospital is now a top medical facility after 51 years development and various predecessors’ joint efforts and hard working.

Tseng also mentioned that although the hours of each shirt for nursing personnel is not short, what they do is not merely labour work, but the manifestation of love and patience.  The greatest reward for nursing personnel is from patients and their relatives’ sincere appreciation which shows the glory of human nature.  It is also something that material and money cannot measure and the demonstration of Nightingale’s spirit.

12th May is the annual International Nurses Day and the next day happens to be Mother’s Day.  Tseng expected every nursing personnel could take care of patients with the loving kindness like mothers to provide professional quality care service and jointly create the prospect of Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

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