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Defense News


Guangchi Gao Consoled Medical Personnel in Tri-Service General Hospital and Encouraged Them to Exert the Maximum Medical Capacity (July 7, 2015)


Anti-war Naval Veteran Chou, Chin-Chiang Guarded Fort and Controlled Yangtze Gorges Region (July 6, 2015)


Amphibious Warriors Battle Camp Is Ended Trainees Have Grown and Hope to Join Again (July 3, 2015)


Chen Yung-Kang Praises the Navy for Their Contributions to the War of Resistance against Japan at the Inauguration of Navy Relics Exhibition (July 2, 2015)


Guangchi Gao Awards Medals to Generals to be Retired for Praising Their Contributions to Military Service (July 1, 2015)


Reservist Command Hold the Promotion Ceremony and CHEN, JIA-SHAN Encourages the Staff to Consistently Developing (Jun.30,2015)

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Military News


MND Press Release(October 8, 2013)


The 2013 Quadrennial Defense Review Is Released by the Ministry of National Defense(March 13,2013)


M.N.D. released press release indicating "Transparency International had published Government Defence Inti-Corruption Index and had positively recognized the effort of the military.”(Jan. 29th 2013)


Seminar on Military Virtues and Moral Education for Cultivating Lofty Sentiment and Setting Up Examples(2012-09-24)


National Armed Forces Participates 2012 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart (2012-09-24)


Language Training Courses & Educatonal Goals

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HOT News


New Horizons for English Services in Taiwan(2012-06-22)

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