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Armaments Bureau

Wellcome to the Armaments Bureau, M.N.D.

On March 1, 2002, our National Defense Law and revised Organization Law of the Ministry of National Defense went into effect. In the meanwhile, the Armaments Bureau was formulated in accordance with these two laws. Each of these steps was major stride forward with meaningful significance in the history of our Armed Forces transformation.
In a gradual and orderly manner with innovative efforts, the establishment of the Armaments Bureau enabled us to base on national defense security needs, military forces conceptual framework and restructuring program, and to introduce experiences of modern defense armament reforms learned from other countries into our effort to accomplish the formulation of a professional and functional organization consistent with our country’s overall macro environment. A well-structured armaments organization is essential to defense security and military capabilities. Especially, with our limited national defense resources, the Bureau has to be extremely careful in bringing into the consolidated development of defense-related technologies, the continued achievement for “masters of our own house” of defense industrial infrastructure and the integrated functions of defense acquisition mechanism in order to provide the Armed Forces in armament readiness and supports for satisfying the needs imposed by defensive operations.


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