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Q: What information should be submitted when filing an application for rights protection?

A: The applications for rights protection have to be done in written form, with the following information:
1. name, birth date, ID card number, service unit, rank, position or occupation, address, phone number.
2. date, cause and demand of the punishment, with the related evidence.
3. whether a grievance has been filed or if the case is under investigation or deliberation by any government compensation organization, (military) legal organization or the Control Yuan. The related information should be submitted.
4. If a grievance has been file, the related documents and the causes for appeal should be enclosed.
5. Applications filed by applicant’s family should be enclosed with authority documents with name, ID card number, service unit, rank and position of the person concerned.

6. date, year of the application. If the grievance is filed for a re-liberation against the first-rank committee’s overrule, a copy or original of the resolution and the reasons against it should be submitted as well.

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