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Q: How can I get to the Air Force Museum?

1. Air Transportation: Visitors can take domestic flights to Siaogang Airport in Kaohsiung, take the bus to Kaohsiung Train Station, go to Ganshan by train or bus, and reach the museum by bus or taxi.
2. Railway: Visitors can take the train to Ganshan Station and go to the museum by taxi.
3. Highway: ◆. Take the bus that goes by Chung-Shan Highway and has a stop in Ganshan. Get off at Ganshan Exit and take the taxi to the museum.
◆. Kaohsiung Bus: Take bus 214 or 215 and get off at Air Force Academy Stop and take a 10-minute walk to the museum. Kaohsiung Bus Ganshan station TEL:07-6212073.
◆. Drive on Your Own:☆Go down Chung-Shan Highway at Ganshang Exit. Drive westbound (to Ganshan’s direction) along Chiehshou road to the museum.
☆Drive along Province Road 1 and turn westbound at Cultural Center of Kaohsiung County to Chiehshou road. (Turn left if you’re northbound; right for the southbound.) Drive along to the museum.

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