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Navy Headquarters


Q: Where can I find Navy Military Band?


Q: Where can I find Navy Honor Guard?


Q: Where can I get a marine chart or books on naval security?


Q: Where can I check out and download Notice to Mariners?


Q: What should be done when a naval vessel has a breakdown on patrol duty?


Reserve Command


Q: How to apply for another copy of pension certificate if the original is lost?


Q: What are the eight programs of mobilization preparation and the units in charge respectively?


Q: What are the missions of the coordinating organizations for the civil fighting power?


Q: What is the secretarial unit of the Executive Yuan’s mobilization meeting?


Q: What is the division of mobilization plan?


Q: What is the division of civil mobilization preparation?

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Air Force Headquarters


Q: What is the schedule and location for the air force bases to be open to the public this year?


Q: What is the regulation plan for the future Air Force?


Q: What are the guidelines for the foundation of the Air Force?


Q: Is the Inspector General Office of Air Force Headquarters open to visitors?


Q: What should I do to present what is superintended and inspected?


Q: Where can I find academic journals on military or electronic files published by the Air Force Headquarters?

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Medical Affairs Bureau


Q: Why is some national defense law not translated into English?


Q: Are there any guidelines or policies for national forces’ medical evacuation?


Q: Are there any laws or regulations concerning national forces’ hygiene and medical affairs?


Q: What subsidies are provided by the Ministry of National Defense when


Q: What are the measurements medical Affairs Bureau has taken to prevent


Combined Logistic Command


Q: How do I apply for a visit to the History Museum of Maintenance and Repair Affairs?


Q: How do I apply for a visit of the army camp?


Q: How can I apply for relief support from the transportation troop?


Air Force Academy


Q: How can I get to the Air Force Museum?


Q: How do I contact for a visit?


Q: What is the admission fee to the Air Force Museum? Is there any difference between individual and group visitors?


Q: What are the opening hours of the Air Force Museum?


Q: What’s the telephone number or website of Air Force Academy?


Army Command Headquarters


Q: Can I get the information concerning the visit to the History Museum of Army Command Headquarters?


National Defense University


Q: What educational programs does National Defense University provide?


Rights Protection Committee for Military Personnel


Q: What are the accesses to the information related to Rights Protection Committee for Military Personnel?


Q: What are the accesses to applications for rights protection?


Q: Will an application be accepted by the Rights Protection Committee if it’s not filed by the person involved?


Q: What information should be submitted when filing an application for rights protection?


Q: To which unit should an application for rights protection be applied?


Q: When can I file an application to the Rights Protection Committee for

  Rights Protection Committee for Military Personnel More...

Department of Reserve Affairs


Q: What’s the policy plan of military reserve call-up for disaster relief backup?


Q: What’s the plan for 2012 Nationwide Civil Defensive Mobilization Drill (Wanan No. 35 Drill)?

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