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The ROC Constitution stipulates that the ROC national defense aims to defend the nation's security and safeguard world peace. Under this, the nation's defense concepts, military strategies, military buildup, and objectives are formulated to prevent conflict. The current international situation and changes to the possible threat to the ROC are also taken into consideration in the making of defense policies at the current stage. The basic objectives are "preventing war," "defending the homeland," and "countering terrorism and responding to contingencies." The higher strategic goal is "effective deterrence, resolute defense" with the establishment of a quality self-defensive force capable of counterattack. ...More Abot MND
Words from the Minister

Words from the Minister

Secretary of Defense photo

Dear officers and soldiers:
I am honored to serve as the 32th Minister of National Defense. Based on the current foundation, I would bravely devote myself whole-heartedly to leading you to become armed forces reliable for both the nation and its people. I would like to convey my political principles and policies through the website, and I am looking forward to your support and suggestion. Please call me "Da-peng" directly and let me hear your thoughts.
Have a victorious and successful life!
Ministry of National Defense R.O.C.
Feng, Shih-Kuan (Da-peng)