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Military News

China Tests Stealth Bomber: Neighboring States on High Alert

According to a semi-official Chinese media report, China's domestically-developed "Xian H-8" stealth strategic bomber has successfully undergone flight trials. It is said that this bomber will carry a new type of cruise missile and will be capable of attacking North America, which is a cause of great concern in many countries.

"We must confront the reality of China's ceaseless military build-up," said Taiwanese military specialist Sung Chao-wen. "Not only does China pose a military threat to Taiwan, but bordering states such as Japan, Korea, and India also can’t ignore this menace and must take precautions." Regardless of whether the reports of the successful test flight of the H-8 are correct, the news still suggests that China is continuing to develop new weapons in an effort to expand its global influence.

The photograph of the H-8 carried in the Chinese media is actually most likely an image of an A-12 carrier-borne stealth attack aircraft used by the US Navy in the late 1990's. The reports of the aircraft's successful test flight are quite possibly not reliable. Western military analysts believe that China lacks the necessary technology to effectively use stealth materials or develop high-power engines. Even if China has stolen American stealth bomber technology, they probably would not have had enough time to successful fabricate and assemble a working aircraft.

But regardless of whether the "H-8" actually exists, from the point of view of personal honor and our national interest, although there have previously been a few cases where China's initial propaganda was followed by a denial in the official media, it is very clear that China's military expansion and ambitions are not faltering. Even superpowers like the US must take steps against this threat. Shouldn’t we also heighten our vigilance and seriously address the growing military imbalance across the Taiwan Straits?

(The Ministry of National Defense prepared the news release and Taiwan News translated it into English.)


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