Defense News

2016/05/18 Ministry of National Defense: Taiwan’s Military Has Always Kept Close Surveillance on the Activities of the Chinese Military (May 18, 2016)
2016/05/17 Opening of the Zuo-Ying Military Base Story Museum Bears Witness to Navy History (May 17, 2016)
2016/05/11 Ministry of National Defense Conducts Military Base Reconstruction Fund Management Meeting to Brainstorm Ideas for Increasing Investment Efficiency (May 11, 2016)
2016/05/09 Reserve Command: Military Recall Selection Methods are Conducted in Accordance with Regulations (May 9, 2016)
2016/05/06 10th Army Corps Celebrates Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Activity to Express Gratitude for the Contributions of Mothers (May 6, 2016)
2016/05/03 Ministry of National Defense: Continue to Assist Coast Guard Administration in Establishing Self-Defense Capabilities on Taiping Island (May 3, 2016)
2016/04/29 Legislator Team Investigates Hang Kuang Computer Aided Simulation and Acknowledges the Efforts of the Officers and Soldiers in Combat Training Preparations (April 29, 2016)
2016/04/28 Legislators Conduct Inspection Visit to 601st Air Cavalry Brigade and National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and Offers Advice for Improvements (April 28, 2016)
2016/04/27 President Ma Inspects Han Kuang Exercise and Encourages the Military to Fulfill Mission and Responsibilities (April 27, 2016)
2016/04/26 Gao Guang-Chi Issues Medal to Retiring Official to Commemorate Contributions during Military Service (April 26, 2016)