Defense News

2016/03/28 National Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi Praises National Youth Award-Winners in the Military to Acknowledge their Positive and Proactive Spirit (March 28th 2016)
2016/03/25 Yen Teh-Fa Inspects Basic Training Units and Encourages Drill Instructors to Strengthen Professional Proficiency (March 25th 2016)
2016/03/24 National Defense Minister Gao Meets with 2016 National Outstanding Military Academy Students (March 24th 2016)
2016/03/23 Cheng De-Mei Awards Medals to Retiring Officials in recognition of their contributions (March 23rd 2016)
2016/03/22 Miaoli National Defense Mobilization and Min-An Exercise Strengthens the Civil-Military Disaster Relief Mechanism (March 22nd 2016)
2016/03/21 Ministry of National Defense Implements One Hour “Lights Out” Activity to Show Support for International Environmental Protection Campaign (March 21st 2016)
2016/03/18 Gao Guang-Chi: The Military shall Promote the Reconstruction of Old Military Villages to Implement Caretaking of Original Villagers (March 18th 2016)
2016/03/17 Chief of General Staff Yen Teh-Fa Inspects Taoyuan Forces and Encourages Troops to Take on Rigorous Training (March 17th 2016)
2016/03/16 Kinmen Sea Dragon Frogmen Implements Boat Maintenance to Ensure Integrity of Combat Force (March 16th 2016)
2016/03/15 Ministry of National Defense Actively Strives for the Reconstruction of the Military Villages to Ensure the Co-Existence of Land Vitalization and Culture Preservation (March 15th 2016)