Defense News

2016/03/08 Military Organizes Military Insurance Ordinance and Amendment Seminar to Protect the Rights of the Officers and Soldiers (March 8th 2016)
2016/03/07 Developing Strong Bonds Amidst Challenges in the Marine Corp Military Base Training (March 7th 2016)
2016/03/04 First Annual Disaster Prevention Exercise Held in Matsu – Inspecting the Mobilization Mechanisms of National Defense (March 4th 2016)
2016/03/03 Experiencing the Suffering of the People – Airing of the Military Rescue Operations on Thursday (March 3rd 2016)
2016/03/02 Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Facebook page Publishes 3rd Military Promotional Video “Rapid Strike Force” (March 2nd 2016)
2016/03/01 Air Force: Evicting Animals on the Runway in Accordance with Regulations to Protect Aviation and Life Safety (March 1st, 2016)
2016/02/26 Chief of Staff Yen Teh-Fa Awards Medals to Retiring Officials in Recognition of their Military Contributions (February 26th 2016)
2016/02/25 Li Dong-Liang Asks After Wellbeing of Officers and Soldiers in Tainan Rescue Operations and Acknowledges the Military Assistance and Sentiments (February 25th 2016)
2016/02/24 Lot-Drawing for Military Personnel Property Declaration to Establish Upright Military Ethics (February 24th 2016)
2016/02/23 Pu Tze-Chun and Nicaraguan Chief Inspector General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez Exchanges Medal of Honor to Reinforce Military Friendship (February 23rd 2016)