Defense News

2016/06/04 Li Xi-ming hosted an inauguration ceremony for the service of the senior core members and encouraged them to construct a new vision for Ministry of National Defense (June 4 2016)
2016/06/03 Wang Xin-long supervised ROCMC 66th Marine Brigade Lian Yong Drill, praising the achievements of the officers and soldiers’ hard work and diligent practice (June 3 2016)
2016/06/02 8th Army Corps Private Zheng Ya-Xin Donates Liver to Father, Filial Act Acknowledged (June 2, 2016)
2016/06/01 Sea Dragon Reserve Training Team Completes Training Today with 15 Members Receiving the Highest Frogman Medal of Honor (June 1, 2016)
2016/05/27 Li Dong-Liang Offers Support and Encouragement to Standing Forces in northern areas and Wishes Festival Greetings in Advance (May 27, 2016)
2016/05/26 Military Political Education and Promotion Nomination Develops Communication Skills of Cadre Officers (May 26, 2016)
2016/05/25 Chen Chung-Ji: The Military Shall Adhere to Constitution and Swear Loyalty to Commander-in-Chief to Demonstrate Determination in Protecting the Safety of the Country (May 25, 2016)
2016/05/20 205th Military Armaments Bureau Organizes Counseling Seminar to Inspire Positive Thinking in Officers and Soldiers (May 20, 2016)
2016/05/19 Medical Affairs Bureau and New Taipei City Fire Department Sign a Memorandum to Promote the Armed Forces’ Rescue Ability (May 19 2016)
2016/05/18 Ministry of National Defense: Taiwan’s Military Has Always Kept Close Surveillance on the Activities of the Chinese Military (May 18, 2016)