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Defense News

2016/04/21 Military Micro Movie “I am Safe, Thank You!” Received with Widespread Popularity upon Launch (April 21st 2016)
2016/04/20 Jhih Shan High School Live Firing Practice – Establishes National Defense Concepts in Students (April 20th 2016)
2016/04/19 Taipei City Army and Civilian Joint Air-Defense Drill Trained People with Their Disaster Prevention and Response Mechanism (April 19 2016)
2016/04/18 Friends of Armed Forces Association Visited Air Operation Center of Air Force Central Command to Show Gratitude for the Hard Work and Contributions of the Officials and Soldiers (April 18 2016)
2016/04/15 President-elect Tsai Ing-wen visit MND and hear briefing on defense(April 15, 2016)
2016/04/14 Ministry of National Defense Organizes School Campaign in Hualien Industrial Vocational Senior High School to Encourage Students to Open an Unique Experience in Life (April 14th 2016)
2016/04/13 Luo Shao-Ho: Soldiers Should Abide by Regulations so as not to Disappoint the Expectations of the People (April 13th 2016)
2016/04/12 Legislative Yuan Reviews “Act Of Military Service System” Amendment to Meet Requirements for Promotion of Military Affairs (April 12th 2016)
2016/04/11 President Chiang 41st Memorial Anniversary – Remembering the Contributions and Kind Deeds (2016 April 11th)
2016/04/08 Legislator Delegation Inspects Artillery Training Command and Submarine Fleet to Provide Suggestions for National Defense Policies (April 8th 2016)