Defense News

2016/09/23 Regarding the media report on the incident of “Military Authorities Disregarded Dementia Threat of Military Personnel”, the Aviation and Special Forces Command clarified today (22nd) that the report is inconsistent with the facts. After the officer,
2016/09/22 Aviation and Special Forces Command Issues Press Release Statement Offering Clarification on the Media Report of “Military Authorities Disregarded Dementia Threat of Military Personnel”
2016/09/20 Kinmen Defense division clarified the incident “People pleaded compassion for soldiers showering at a school but condemned by a School Drill Officer”(20160920)
2016/09/18 Air Force HQ elucidated the training project “Defending air province. Air Force to practice life-fire tomorrow”.(20160918)
2016/09/17 Air Force HQ published the explanation for incident “Story of meal cans of rescuing soldiers slighted”.(02160917)
2016/09/16 MND published news information of all preparation for typhoon Malakas(20160916)
2016/09/15 Air Force HQ addressed to media for the report “The radar station was partially damaged by typhoon Meranti” (20160915)
2016/09/14 Air Force HQ responded to the reported incident “Staff Sergeant Yang involved in sexual harassment, breach of freedom and secrete”.(20160914)
2016/09/13 MND published new information to explain potential impact by “Typhoon Meranti” on Taiwan and the military is well-prepared for its coming(September 19, 2016).
2016/09/12 Air Force HQ published explanation for the incident “Delayed rescuing for crashed AT-3 and investigation showed serious defect in Air Force”(20160912)