Defense News

2017/11/14 The Ministry of Defence issues press release regarding United Evening News reports of “Ministry of Defense shifts 2.4 billion of Armed Forces weapons budget to Ching-fu due to pressure from above” November 14, 2017
2017/11/13 Air Force Command issues press release updating the latest on “search for the disappeared Mirage jet”
2017/11/12 Ministry of Defense issues press release to order AGS-1601 and Minehunter out to sea to search for the disappeared Mirage jet Capt. Ho Tzi-yu (November 12, 2017)
2017/11/11 Ministry of Defense issues press release: “Department continues search and rescue operations for officer, hope is not lost”
2017/11/10 Air Force Command issues press release regarding media reports of “Dashboard blackout and flight abortion; efforts to find missing radar dot continue” November 10, 2017
2017/11/09 Ministry of Defense issues press release regarding the Minister heading to Joint Operations Command Center to be further briefed on Mirage jet Col. Ho’s rescue situation
2017/11/08 Air Force Command has issued press release regarding “Mirage fighter jet search and rescue mission”
2017/11/07 Air Force Command issues press statement regarding “Hsinchu Air Force Base Mirage disappearing from radar”
2017/11/05 Department of Defense issues press statement on media reports regarding “Taiwan wishes to lower Taiwan-US military transaction and participation level; US expresses consternate indignance”
2017/11/02 Department of Defense states today Nov. 2nd, that the five procurement operation errors of the coastal minehunter as indicated by the Executive Yuan’s investigational report will be critically reviewed, and a project team has been set up for said inv