Defense News

2017/08/02 Press release of Army 8th Regiment to explain the news report “Army Captain sneaking into the dorm of a female officer for the sexual attempt causing the victim to call the police”
2017/08/01 Press release of Air Force HQ to explain the incident “Relatives raising inquiries over the suicide of Private Fu of Taipei Communication Company” (August 01st, 2017)
2017/07/24 MND press release to interpret the incident “Two wings of 4 Chinese aircrafts, Xian H-6, flew for long-ranged training in the morning” (July 24th, 2017)
2017/07/23 Press release of Air Force HQ to explain the news report “A traffic accident of a taxi hit by a scooter caused one military member injured and one dead”. (July 23rd, 2017)
2017/07/21 MND press release to clarify the rumor “A record of air communication spread on the internet was the dialogue between Chinese pilots and Taiwan’s personnel” (July 21st, 2017)
2017/07/18 MND press release to explain the news report “Chinese aircraft carrier going through Taiwan Strait as US force carrying out 3D oversee”. MND said during the time of Chinese aircraft carrier sailing at Taiwan Strait, the entourage was all under MND’s
2017/07/17 Press release of Army HQ to explain the news report “Army Vehicle-Repair Base involved in corruption and under investigation of prosecution”
2017/07/15 Press release of Naval HQ to explain the incident “Chinese aircraft carrier circling around Taiwan for the first time responded to the request of Taiwan’s anti-submarine helicopter for better pictures”. (July 15th, 2017)
2017/07/14 Press release of Air Force HQ to interpret the news report “F-16 armed with anti-vessel missiles and reconnaissance capsule to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier”. (July/14th, 2017 )
2017/07/13 MND press release as multiple types of Chinese aircrafts taking off in the air at 0700 from Chinese Eastern Military Zone for long-ranged training off Taiwan’s ADIZ. The National Force is able to surveil and respond to it. (July 13th, 2017)