Defense News

2018/01/23 News Information, Second Regular Press Conference Held by the Ministry of National Defense (January 23th, 2018)
2018/01/22 Army Command Headquarters issued a press release to clarify the news, “the Army wishes to purchase 32 UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters to have enough forces for the combat.” (January 22th, 2018)
2018/01/17 Defense ministry issued a press release that the aircraft carrier "of the communist party of China Liaoning formation at noon today has left China's air defense identification area" b. (January 17th, 2018)
2018/01/11 Air Defense Command issued a press release stating that "Air Force ambulances are performing evacuation of container vessels on Boat Jiaming. (January 11th, 2018)
2018/01/08 Ministry of Defense issued press releases indicating media reports that "military plans to build miniature missile assault boats" (January 8th, 2018)
2018/01/06 Defense Air Command issued press releases on "anti-China launch of New route IDF for Taiwan" for full year's arrival in Penghu
2018/01/05 Defense ministry issued a press release that "the communist party of China (liaoning, carrier group continued to southwest, nations all monitoring surveillance and should place" (January 5th, 2018)
2018/01/04 Issuance of Press Release by The Ministry of Defense army command for the media coverage of “Army procurement scandal, unscrupulous manufacturers lead to no tires available for medium tactical vehicle” case.
2018/01/04 The Ministry of Defense issued a press release explaining “the country's army will continue to master the CPC Liaoning aircraft carrier to perform cross-zone far out to sea on a long voyage and oppose the CCP at their own discretion, enabled M503 and
2018/01/03 Air Command issued press releases entitled "search for Mirage aircraft" (January 3rd,2018)